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Dog Training Vibration Collar System - No shock

Dog Training Vibration Collar System - No shock
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Model: Dog


Remote Control Dog Training Vibration Collar System, with 2 levels of vibrations and a whistle.

*Unit is designed to assist in the training of your dog and correct unwanted behaviour. It assists dog owners to reinforce their verbal commands to control misbehaviour from a distance and most importantly, at the time it is happening.

It has 2 levels of vibration and there is also a whistle. How do I use it? On the command "return" , you could press whistle or vibration twice, and for "sit" 3 times.

*Ideal for call and training SMALL dogs;
*Uses vibration instead of shock stimulation.
* 135 metre range (in clear site)
* Units are shower proof. Do not let dog go into water.

Package Includes :

One Remote controller
One receiver collar
One screwdriver with 3 screws
One black collar strap
Two 1.5V AAA batteries.
One 12V 23A battery.

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