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Myrtus Ugni - Cranberry

Myrtus Ugni - Cranberry

Present height: 30cm minimum.

Common Name: NZ Cranberry.

Description: This shrub has dark, glossy leaves and a tidy habit.

Flower: Masses of small white flowers cover this shrub in summer and are followed by fragrant berries which have a pleasant taste.

Size: 1.5m x 1m

It is not a fussy plant but does best in a sheltered position in a well drained and loamy soil. It is quite tolerant of salt laden air, clay or sandy soils and grows well in sunny or semi- sunny situations.

Give it a regular trim to encourage bushy, compact growth. Water well, especially in the summer for fruit production. Otherwise they are easy care and generally pest and disease free.

Uses: A neat hedging alternative. Trims really well and makes a great colourful low hedge. A great plant for pots. Plant on the patio or near windows to enjoy the fragrance. Considering pruning into standards. A neat addition to the edible garden.

Comments: This is an amazing versatile shrub with plenty of fruit. The fruit is delicious and can be eaten straight off the bush or used in juices, jams and jellies. Allow fruit to lighten in colour before picking

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